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Sunset Party




We recognize that there is a powerful connection between how we relate to one another in everyday life and how we respond to the climate crisis. The regenerative practices we offer are real world-oriented.  They help create more vibrant, meaningful, and beautiful relationships while directly meeting not only the challenge of the climate crisis but its underlying cause. Join us in creating a more loving relational space that prepares yourself and your loved ones to meet the challenge of the climate crisis.


We offer methods, practices, and guidance that you can apply to your life right here and now. These combine trauma-informed evolutionary consciousness practices and regenerative arts to heal, liberate, and empower your own resilient intelligence. We ally with you to create spaces of intimacy for you and those you love to more deeply explore and celebrate being alive together and collaborate with everything in your power to meet the climate crisis.

Calm Sea


Our methods, practices, and guidance emerge from a living process that draws from many streams of wisdom. This involves personalized meditation guidance and deep conversation online or in person.    

We continually deepen and refine our own wisdom and this enriches what we offer the allies we serve. This is not only intellectual but emotional and somatic living sage  wisdom born of profound study and experience.

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