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The modern family lives at a crossroads in time.

We all want a happy and healthy family that loves and supports us.

But we have inherited an historical legacy of suffering, dissociation, and denial. Our families have endured war, poverty, oppression, abuse, neglect, dislocation, persecution, and seldom found a sanctuary in which to flourish and truly heal wounds that across generations have so often become invisible.

Playful Family
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We human beings have not been good to one another during our histories together. This traumatic legacy burdens the souls of our families. Recognizing this lies at the heart of conscious evolution and living well on our planet.

The history of families has been dark. 

Counseling Group

As families, we can draw a line against oppression and abuse and human-caused toxic stress and trauma.

We can join together in regenerative alliance creating family spaces that support healing from this burden upon our souls. And despite the challenges that surround us, we can celebrate our lives together in this new space of regenerative intimacy, of conscious evolution.

As we move forward, we are all slowly coming to recognize the challenging future into which we are sending our families. The entire living world of which we are a part is undergoing a traumatic crisis. Who has not begun to feel climate-related anxiety, grief, despair, and loneliness in the face of what lies ahead? Each of us is responding to this in our own way and none of us wants to bequeath this future to those we love.

Image by Bruno Nascimento
Image by Streetwindy

Yet we are heading into the storm of climate chaos burdened by those traumatic family legacies of our shared history which are seldom healed or even recognized.

Yes, we are at a crossroads in time, not merely as individuals but as families and as a people.

Image by Jonathan Borba

Relational repair and recovery will be an important component of the ecotherapy of the future.

At Living Arts Wisdom, we gather family members together as allies to bring their shared inner beauty to life while creating that space of deep sanctuary that we all need.

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