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Here are some experiences of people who work with me to transform their own lives and the culture we live in.


As a therapist, coming now on 2 years of self-directed work with Richard, I’ve been continuously impressed with his depth of knowledge; sensitivity and skillfulness in relationship dynamics; spontaneous adaptability; and most importantly, his care in attending to the ails of the world — both within me (the patient/ally/co-creator) and amidst the societal challenges we all face today.

After working with Richard, I now see that in between knowing and doing, for me there has often been a treacherous gap. Whether it is by listening in compassionate silence or gently attending to what hangs in between, Richard has shown me that it is only with time that we can start to walk the newly paved road. Richard not only provides the attuned companionship for this new path but also has the most accurate signposts to come back to when the natural feeling of being “lost” returns. But we must climb on! And I feel more assured in making the personal ascent after experiencing this enjoyable and insightful approach to therapeutic alliance.

G.H. Psychotherapist

I have not felt understood at this level before… Richard is present. He is present to my processes, my struggles, my emotions, and my confusion. I feel I have all his attention in our time together. I never feel judged. I feel like some of what I say would shock, offend, sound stupid or petty and yet his reactions are consistent. He witnesses what I share, and acknowledges it in a way that I understand how the elements of my being connect with the wider world and the wider tumult around me; how I very reasonably and without blame arrived in this place and how being courageous in this place will lead me to what is possible in the future. I have so much hope that I can bless others. I consistently feel connected, in each session, to a wider picture that allows me to understand better where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I could go. It brings deep emotions, peace, and hope. I leave each session feeling understood in a new way, hopeful, and energized.


J.K.,  Educational Leader


Working with Richard has provided me with the tangible tools to tackle the constant stresses and challenges of growing and managing my startup business. Work can feel like a series of near-death experiences and the techniques that Richard teaches are like flicking a mental reset switch that enable me to rationally and calmly tackle the task at hand. Low on fluff, high on neuroscientific insights, his approach is like the proverbial 'mental gym' that has strengthened my mind so I can overcome the psychological challenges of running a business. Richard is the Silver Yoda! 


COO & Co-founder of award-winning London fintech company

Richard was very helpful for me in resolving cultural issues at my company. One of the key insights was looking at relationships in terms of different types of energy flows rather than just mental concepts. Once I understood this, I realized my strategy for resolving cultural differences needed to be readjusted.  Once I did this, most of the tensions resolved and the burden of the relationships was shifted away from me and on to the other person. Letting go of this burden that I had been carrying ten years gave me a real sense of freedom and possibilities. Our company is much better off as a result of Richard's coaching.

Silicon Valley Tech Firm Founder

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