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There are two questions people frequently ask.

What will I experience?

Here is what you might experience based upon my own experience of doing this work.


I feel the energies of the world with intensity. I recognize that this intensity consists of primordial human energy flows that circulate between ourselves and our world, most especially among our fellow human beings. These currents originated in deep time and evolved as an integral dimension of our shared neurobiological story. Their damage hurts both ourselves and our biosphere and is an unseen dimension of our lives. By healing them we contribute mightily to the healing of the Earth. By liberating them, we begin to help liberate all of the abused and oppressed people in the world. Working them is truly an art form. My viewpoint is that it really is the mother of all art forms.


When another person joins me in deeply working the flows, they become immersed in and connect to a certain kind of living presence. The safety inherent in this subtle but powerful human connection tunes them into where they most deeply want to go. It takes a little time for them to realize that they are in a place that is safe enough to go deep.


The basic process has three interwoven experiential threads. 


The first begins with getting in touch with our own experience right here and now through an unforced focus upon our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and intensities. This naturally unfolds over time into a recovery of lost gifts that we often didn’t even know that we had all along. 


The second thread involves discovering how those living energy flows circulate between ourselves and others and restoring them to greater clarity and aliveness. 


The third thread comes to life through improvising skillful and intuitive conversations surrounding the everyday challenges that emerge in life during the process. This living tapestry finds full expression while joining together with others in the deep and vibrant culture creation that is essential to our flourishing aliveness.


I have been doing this work on myself for years. It is inspiring, energizing, and enlivening, but it is work. Here is where you can come in if it is right for you. Through word of mouth, I have also been allying with others across the globe who join me in this collaborative art form. I prefer to view these others as allies rather than clients. We meet either in person or online via zoom for a period of 1-1.5 hours. Although it is different than meeting in person, getting together via online video is its own art form. In its own way it is up close and personal, warm and intimate, highly interactive and without distraction. 


If it is the right path for you, you will experience this work as liberating, empowering, healing and, last but not least, beautiful. New dimensions of being alive will awaken, a greater sense of well-being will emerge, and your own lived experienced will inspire you with greater confidence and beauty. You will experience yourself and other people in a new way. Your awareness of the harshness, oppression, and tragedy in the world will also become more vivid, but so will your capacity to hold that awareness and meet its challenges. As you can imagine, this work is not for everybody but if it is right for you, this is a taste of what you will experience.

If you’re still reading this, I invite you to reach out and spend an hour with me to find out whether LivingArtsWisdom is right for you.

What does it cost?

This work is a living process with its own natural unfolding and there are no hard and fast rules for how often we meet. Sessions last between 1-1.5 hours and are usually on zoom. The first 6-8 sessions are best done once a week in order for us to find our groove. There is definitely homework. Once we’ve found our groove, we might find it best to continue weekly, bi-weekly, or even once a month.

My fee is $180/hour. If this is an obstacle and you really want to work with me, send me an email or message. Your fee goes to support my research, activism, and writing as well as my living while I do these things. If you need to contribute less or are able to contribute more, we can work that out. It all contributes to the creation of the kind of culture that inspires us.

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