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Making Art During Challenging Times

Image by Eddy Klaus

Some artists transcend category and shape culture itself. They change the way we see, hear, feel, and act. Their energy plunges beneath the surface of life and creates a deep culture whose radiance can be felt throughout all of the arts.

Image by Nicole Geri

Many artists feel inspired to lift their creative energies in authentic response to the challenges we face.

This is the greatest challenge that our species has ever faced.

Our species has never lived through such an epoch.

Such creativity calls for a new culture appropriate to our times. 

​The biological disruption of the planet will increasingly define culture and will shape the living global theater within which artists of all kinds will do their work.

What role will comedy play during climate chaos? Drama? Painting? Film? Music? Dance? Architecture?

Image by Joel Muniz
Image by Thiago Barletta

The power of what is unfolding will transform the arts in dramatic and surprising ways.

During such times artists rediscover and express the primal origins of art in ways that transform the way we experience being alive and the way we express our aliveness.

This kind of deep culture manifests in many ways. Healing. Liberating. Empowering. Celebrating. It will lift all of the arts into deep performance in new ways.

Our regenerative guidance for creative artists revives the primal roots of your artistic creativity and brings your entire life to a state of resilient deep performance.

Many artists encounter hurtful forces that seek to abuse, exploit, dumb down, and oppress their creative energies. We all know the stories of artists who have succumbed to these pressures. Discover ways of liberating yourself and be the kind of artist you want to be.  

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