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Image by Pablo Heimplatz


Image by Pablo Heimplatz
Image by Nathan Dumlao

So much depends upon our capacity to really and truly see and hear the other person and to be seen and heard by them in an authentic way.


Yet our capacity to do this is often diminished through our living in the very corrosive culture that is devastating our planet. Subjecting ourselves to mere resilience within that corrosive culture is not enough.

Image by Christiana Rivers

We need to evolve new kinds of relational consciousness if we are to survive as the kinds of human beings we want to be.

Only then can we regenerate our own relational ecologies and weave them into that greater ecology flowing around and through us.

Image by Jonathan Borba

We all need to give and receive love and caring, to know that we can count on the other person, that we will be deeply loved for who we are, that we will be safe in the mystery and magic of human connection.

Image by Scott Broome

 Simply as human beings, we need to experience the awe of a naked existential encounter with another person, the sheer amazement of beholding them before us.

Image by NeONBRAND

Everything that we love about the arts is present in human connection—

The utter richness of sight and sound and touch, of tears and laughter, of the moving sensation of bodies dancing in space, the musicality of our voices, the emotion, tingle and spark of cognition, the shimmering resonant attunement of minds touching. We find meaning, myth, and the poetics of our everyday lives through participating in the narrative power of each other’s stories, only to open to moments of transcendent release beyond time and space. Discovering relational consciousness manifests as the sublime artistry of everyday life.

The core process of Living Arts Wisdom regenerates this human capacity to

connect with others with aliveness and depth.

Our method involves personalized meditation guidance and deep conversation online or in person.

We rediscover what it feels like to be truly seen and heard, and to genuinely see and hear that other person, not simply through fleeting moments but as a way of life. This opens up a new kind of vibrant living space that we can share with others and expands our vision of the possibilities of human connection into a living reality. Such relational aliveness empowers us to experience our friends and loved ones in a fresh way that is more sustainable during challenging times.

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