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Welcome to Living Arts Wisdom

Feeling challenged by the crazy upheavals that are rocking our world?

I know I am and I’m pretty resilient.

But resilience isn’t invulnerability and we need to be pretty tuned out to remain untouched by what’s happening. If you’re like me you don’t want to tune out, you want to live in the real world, to feel it, even with all of its challenges. Like you, I know how challenging this can be.

Although we long for a life of freedom, real love, beauty, healing, and genuinely higher consciousness, our longings can seem increasingly out of reach.

It isn’t merely the pandemic, the atrocities against BIPOC folks, the crazy fascists running amok, or impending biospheric collapse.

Most of us feel challenged simply because we live in a culture that has been so toxic for such a long time.

And we often normalize our immersion in this toxic culture as it takes its toll upon our health and well-being, diminishes us as human beings, and impedes our capacity to meet the world’s challenges. We normalize it and we tune it out. It’s hard not to.

We internalize viral patterns that can sneak into the very fiber of our being and affect our relationships and our experience of being alive.

These hidden patterns lurk beneath many of our challenges and disappointments.

They are why our deepest longings can seem so out of reach.

Living Arts Wisdom is an innovative art form. It helps us to meet our life’s challenges through actively transforming both the real world and our experience of being alive. It is an activist path of self-transformation, healing, and empowerment through culture creation.

This highly personalized collaborative art form releases the inherent brilliance of our intelligence, unleashes our emotional freedom in right relationship with others, and awakens expansive feelings of well-being and effulgent beauty. It is neither therapy nor a new age practice but its own living process.

It is a form of cultural activism that challenges the very things that diminish our own flourishing aliveness. Because each person is different, everybody experiences their own expression of these specific results. And although it is an art form, it is a very focused process that I developed after many years of multidisciplinary study.

I work with culture creators, including creative artists, helping professionals, and activists, as well as individuals, families, groups, and communities. At the core of this work is a focus upon the energies of liberating, healing, and celebrating biospheric consciousness.

If it is right for you, you will infuse these energies into your everyday life and relationships and join with others in creating the kind of culture we all want.

You will experience interpersonal flow states and peak experiences that will make a big difference in your life.

Even if you’re struggling with the harsh reality I’ve just described, you may still be capable of infusing your own life and the lives of those you love with deeper resilience, aliveness, and meaning.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or somebody’s child, and long to lift up your family from the toxic culture…

If you’re an activist meeting the challenges of abuse, oppression, and biospheric collapse…

If you’re a genuine artist or have the passion to create stirring in your heart or long for the living culture you know is possible…

If you are a psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, pastoral counselor, or coach because it’s your life calling and passion...

If you want to infuse your meditation practice into your life and actually benefit living beings…

During the coming months, I will be rolling out a handbook, an introductory course, and a blog describing how the Living Arts Wisdom process works and why it works, with plenty of references. And if you feel you connect with this adventure, free introductory sessions are available to see whether this is for you.

If this seems like it’s for you, follow this page and subscribe to my blog at

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