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Sunset Party


A regenerative heart energizes our world with a deeper and more vibrant glow of intimacy that can seem magical. It resonantly attunes with us in ways that heal, liberate, and empower our own core magic.

This kind of regenerative intelligence embraces the full range of our own human experience, including our cognitive, emotional, and sensual aliveness.

There is a different kind of wisdom that lives in the regenerative heart that goes beyond mere resilience to extend its own healing, liberation, and empowerment to the world around us. This manifests as a living relational matrix with others that is capable of meeting life’s challenges, including its darkness, in the best way possible.  

Image by Thought Catalog

Because it holds the relational artistry to connect with another human being in ways that are good, wise, kind, compassionate, and filled with beauty, it has the power to meet those challenges of living in our troubled world.     

Many of us are born with gifts of the heart that fall stranded along the way. Too often as children our regenerative gifts go unrecognized. They are neglected, exploited, or oppressed when they should be honored, nurtured, and cultivated. They then go underground and endure asynchronous development, languishing in subtly dissociative states, but they never cease longing for freedom.

Image by Matheus Ferrero
Image by Omar Lopez

A regenerative heart soars beyond a window of tolerance into a space of regeneration, allying with others and giving us the strength to liberate ourselves ourselves from the unrecognized chains of toxic power that diminish our lives. Such regenerative alliances infuse each of us with the energies of life all around us. They empower us to respond more authentically to daunting life challenges such as grief, loss, and climate anxiety.

If it is the right path for you, you will experience this work as liberating, empowering, healing and, last but not least, beautiful. New dimensions of being alive will awaken, a greater sense of well-being will emerge, and your own lived experience will inspire you with greater confidence and beauty. You will experience yourself and other people in a new way. Your awareness of the harshness, oppression, and tragedy in the world will also become more vivid, but so will your capacity to hold that awareness and meet its challenges. As you can imagine, this work is not for everybody but if it is right for you, this is a taste of what you will experience.

Image by Thiago Barletta

Our method involves personalized meditation guidance and deep conversation online or in person.

It empowers you to recover your own regenerative heart itself through an improvisational collaborative discovery process that can feel like the awakening you have been longing for.

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