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I am a weaver of transformative arts, a multidisciplinary synthesizer, and a scholar of psychotherapy and spiritual consciousness, a husband, father, and grandfather, a scholar, social activist, meditation teacher, guide, and visionary. 

All these things influence the work I do. I work with culture creators, including creative artists, helping professionals, and activists, as well as individuals, families, groups, and communities. My work focuses on liberating, healing, and celebrating biospheric consciousness. 

As a spiritual activist, my recent focus has been on helping individuals and communities liberate and heal themselves from spiritual abuse. As a climate activist, I work towards low cost community-based climate trauma services with a regenerative mutual aid focus informed by evolutionary consciousness.

Image by Luis Vidal

I love being alive. My spirit is passionate and untamed.

I feel most at home near the ocean, but I also feel drawn to mountains and the Sonoran Desert. But I do love cities and have lived most of my life in New York City, LA, and the San Francisco Bay Area. I love hearing live music and viewing original art in person. I love film and absorb cascades of good books. I practice the cornet and saxophone whenever I can and am inspired by Miles and Trane and all of the great jazz masters of the past. I have always been drawn to cutting edge music across genres. I also like listening to Dylan and Springsteen and all of their musical roots, and to folks like Maya Beiser, Van Morrison, and Leonard Cohen. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah, Ambrose Akinmusire, Lakecia Benjamin, Elena Pinderhughes, and Ian Noe.

I am alive to beauty and that is why I can recognize your own.


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